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The Waiting Room Study Series combines simple to understand yet solid food for the yearning souls. It's strongest appeal is that it combines the biblical exposition with devotional thoughts, even giving rich spiritual insights in its practical application. Mr. Tan Sin Liang, a sincere godly and gifted Christian, has an earnest desire to share the gospel and to teach God's word all through his Christian journey. I have the privilege of witnessing his evangelistic fevour through various involvement in the Christian work.


God in His goodness had opened another valuable avenue to ulitise his gift. The Waiting Room Study Series possesses a richness of scriptual study that will enlighten, encourage, edify and educate those who would desire to know the gracious working of God. These studies are definately a messages inspired by God for our modern hectic life.


With great pleasure and privilage, i commend this deep spiritual perception of truth to your willing heart, ready mind and listing hearts. Trust that it will become a help and an encouragement to you in your Christian journey as well.


SV Ramalingam

Evangelist & Missionary

  • "Dear Sin Liang,....I am ministered by your waiting room experience series.....I am into my 5th year in this waiting room not knowing when the end of the tunnel would be...May God bless your heart always with joy in your ministry for Him to touch lives like mine!"


  • "Dear Sin Liang, first I must thank u for sharing. Your sharing was good and I can connect to you n your wife....the feeling of being in the waiting room. It is very courageous of u to share with people who are not closed. I have drawn strength from your sharing...."


  • "After more than 20 years of praying faithfully, I began to see the light in the tunnel."


  • "U have blessed many with your sharings and teachings. I have learnt a lot during the 4 lessons. U made the lessons interesting and easy to understand 'like listening to stories’Do look forward to your class in the near future.


  • "Sin Liang, I shared the Waiting Room Experience with my sister in Sweden and she likes them. This is what she said: "I like it, God's timing is not delay, but it prepares us to do something bigger. Obedient is more important to God"


  • "The waiting room reminds me that God has His time that we don't really understand".


  • "I listened to your 1st two series twice!! I picked up things on the second hearing that was missed on the first hearing!! I enjoyed your captivating stories as it helped to make the point."


  • "I tried many times to download the 3rd series. Almost gave up but thank God I didn't as I managed to listen to it yesterday. Worth all the attempts as the message was insightful and reassuring to me as we struggle through issues in our waiting room".


  • "Thank you for sharing with us your nuggets of wisdom painfully and patiently gleaned. Makes me realise that we need to stop and hear what God is really trying to teach us or show us through the circumstances we are in.


  • “Thank you for your 4 series of wonderful messages. They were simple but inspiring with a plateful of food for thoughts”.


  • “Your message conjures back memories of my own ‘waiting room’ period 28 years ago. We set foot on Aussie soil in May 1987. (My wife) got a job the following week as a Nursing Sister but I was still hunting for a Bank Supervisor job, equivalent to ‘Bank Officer’ in Malaysia. I had been working as a Bank Officer for 10 years in (Malaysia)”.


  • “I applied to many Australian banks. Everyday I waited for the postman. Few banks replied but rejected me because I don’t have Australian banking experience. I asked God, “How can I get Australian banking experience when I have not worked in Australia?” 2 months whizzed by and I was still jobless. I felt very depressed and questioned God. This was a desperate ‘waiting room’ period in my life.”


  • “So to gain the Aussie work experience, I humbled myself and applied for a teller job. Worked hard for 7 years as a teller and rose to the Telling Manager position over the next few years.”


  • Putting our trust and faith in God (uprooting our family and planting it in a foreign soil with an unknown future) had been rewarding. God blessed our family”.


  • “I have forwarded your inspiring message to family, relatives and friends in other parts of the world as well.”



  • “Thank you very much for your “waiting-room” sermons posted on YouTube. I am really blessed and touched by your revelation and insight of life, and experience through the journey with God which is I feel much I had gone through”




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