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About The Speaker: Tan Sin Liang



Tan Sin Liang is a lawyer. He specialises in compliance law (he is known in the market as an anti-money laundering expert). He holds a LLB (S’pore) degree as well as a Masters of Law (University of London) degree. Altogether he has more than 40 years practice experience (as well as the Head of the Legal Dept. of the largest bank in Singapore).


Mr. Tan is also a professional trainer. He has trained a few thousand bankers in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. He is a regular speaker in local and international conferences in Singapore and overseas (including Cambridge University, UK). He also taught in a MBA course (part-time) in S’pore Management University.


Besides his professional practice, Mr. Tan also preach and teach in churches in Singapore and Malaysia. He use his analytical skill as a lawyer to analyse and explain the Word of God faithfully and plainly. With his experience as a professional trainer and speaker in public forums, he is able to communicate and articulate his ideas clearly. He has the unique ability to convey his sermons in a simple manner with clarity. A down-to-earth speaker, he draws practical lessons from the Bible to apply to our lives in all his sermons. His sermons are often laced with humour and sincerity. Always transparent, he shares candidly about his life journey in his sermons.


Here are some feedback to his sermons: - 

“Very simple”, “Very clear”, “Easy to understand”, “Inspiring”,“ Eye-opener”, “Never knew Old Testament can be so interesting”,

“Very methodical, easy to follow”, “Always enjoy your sermon” etc.


Mr. Tan avails himself to speak (for free) where the Lord leads him. He can be contacted at or            HP: 9662 6791

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