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The ‘Waiting-Room’ Series


All of us go through ‘waiting-room’ experiences. Perhaps it is looking for a job. Or looking for a life partner. Or our health. Or our family. Or our business or finances. Or our children. The list is endless.


Waiting is one of the hardest things in life. Especially when you don’t see any positive signs. It’s like travelling through a dark tunnel and you don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. So what do you do? How do you cope?


It is during these ‘waiting-room’ periods, doubts begin to creep in and grow. You begin to ask: What’s wrong with me? Does God really care about me? You find the ‘ligaments of your faith’ stretched to the limit. Has this been your experience?


Great men of faith in the Bible also went through their ‘waiting-room’ experiences. Abraham waited for 25 years. David waited for about 20 years before he became King. Joseph waited 13 years. Saul waited 7 days & failed. We do not know how long Job waited before God restored him double-fold after he lost everything.


Having struggled for many years with his personal ‘waiting-room’ experiences and having studied and mediated on God’s Word, Tan Sin Liang will share with you his insights on –

  • Abraham’s ‘waiting-room’ experience;

  • Joseph’s ‘waiting-room’ experience;

  • Saul’s ‘waiting-room’ experience. and

  • David’s ‘waiting-room’ experience;


The objective of this series of 4 studies is: To learn from God’s Word how to cope with our ‘waiting-room’ experience. Learn from these great men of faith how they coped, or failed to cope, with their ‘waiting-room’ experiences.This study may change your life (or your perspective of life).

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